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Paul Gauguin cruises
by Dot Smay on March 26, 2010
Hey, single travelers. Now could be the time for you to take that Paul Gauguin cruise without paying a single supplement. The Paul Gauguin sails Tahiti and her beautiful Islands and has just  announced that they are eliminating single supplements on a total of 7 spring sailings.The term "single supplement" has never been popular with guests traveling solo, since it usually means that those who prefer single staterooms pay significantly more for their vacations than travelers...
Holland America to Feature "Deadliest Catch" Captain
by Dot Smay on March 25, 2010
If you're a fan of "Deadliest Catch" you might want to check out Holland America for the June 18th sailing from Seattle. I found the article below and have watched the show.  Sounds like a lot of fun for those fishing fans.Holland America to Feature "Deadliest Catch" CaptainPublished on: March 25, 2010"Holland America Line’s Zaandam will host Capt. Keith Colburn of Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” series on the June 18 “Alaskan...
New shore excursions for Holland America Cruise Line.
by Dot Smay on March 18, 2010
Cruise lines are always looking for new adventures for their clients and Holland America has added some new items to the shore excursion menu for 2010 summer season. Holland America  Unveils 55 New Shore Excursions for Summer 2010Published on: March 18, 2010Holland America Line has put together 55 new tours for the 2010 summer season. The new excursions include an afternoon of Cognac-sampling in France; a nostalgic steam-hauled train ride across the Glenfinnan Viaduct, the 21-arch,...
Hula Anyone?
by Alison Smith on March 11, 2010
Ask someone what comes to mind when they think of Hawaii and odds are they will mention hula.  Originally a society with no written language, the Hawaiians used hula with its dance, chants and songs as a primary means by which to communicate and teach legends, stories of war and of love. The hula paid homage to their gods through whom everything is connected. It was for this very fact though that hula almost disappeared when missionaries banned it due to the thought that the hula was...
Japanese style 'Pod' hotel coming to New York
by Alison Smith on March 01, 2010
My son traveled in Japan last summer and stayed in some 'Pod' or 'Capsule' hotels in Tokyo.  Basically just a bed in a wall.  But very reasonably priced in an expensive city.  So I was delighted to learn about them coming to New York.  Yotel to open 669-room "pod" hotel in Times SquareSimon Woodroffe, founder of Yo! Sushi, launched Yotel three years ago. The company's "pod" hotels offer travelers who need a place to rest a small capsule for around $37 for...
Islands of the South Pacific
by Maureen Woodward on February 10, 2010
As a region, the South Pacific is filled with outstanding attractions. But each of the thirteen member countries that make up the South Pacific Tourism Organisation has its own special and individual allure. These enchanting islands and beautiful people have for hundreds of years stirred the mind and excited the imagination. Are you looking to escape your everyday? Try one of the many alluring islands in this tropical haven.TahitiBy far the most popular and well known of the bunch, Tahiti is...
Washington DC: What a Deal!
by Tammie Offia on February 09, 2010
When most people hear the words educational travel, their minds immediately jump to visions of Machu Picchu ruins high above Peru, or blue-footed boobies on the sand of the Galapagos, or a tour of the Louvre in Paris. However, did you know that you have a bevy of educational travel opportunities in your own backyard? Enter Washington D.C.Founded in 1790, D.C. has more than 200 years of culture and history behind it. Not very many U.S. cities can match that. In this challenging environment, now...
Introducing World Voyages
by Francine Marie on February 09, 2010
A World Voyage is a collector's voyage - it spans continents and countless cultures. Enjoy the comfort of ship life while taking the journey of a lifetime spanning 90-nights or more! Explore the vast savannahs of Africa, the pristine beaches of the Seychelles and the Maldives, the enduring romance of the Taj Mahal, and the exotic cities of Southeast Asia.Those with less time might consider sailing on segments of the World Voyages. Segments range from 18-days to 30+ days, and may be combined to...
It's Time For a Journey
by Jason Hedrick on February 09, 2010
Are you one of those people who wrinkles his/her nose when someone mentions a tour? Perhaps you're under the impression that tours are overly regimented or that they're canned and lack originality and adventure. Tours have been much maligned and misunderstood over the years but the fact of the matter is, they are fast becoming one of the most popular vacation products and with good reason. Tours not only cover a multitude of tastes, interests and vacation personalities, they offer many important...
Girls just want to have fun!
by Rena Harris on February 09, 2010
Just like the guys, girls need time with their friends. Imagine you get your best girl friends together and jet set off to a sunny beach somewhere. It's your time to spa, shop, eat, drink, explore, learn, and grow. This is a girl getaway, a concept that has gained massive popularity in recent years. As a result, girl getaways have become so popular that there's even a television show devoted to it! Girl getaway destinations can range from a weekend in New York City, to a week at The Walt...

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